TSK Acrostar



 Full Length of Fuselage  1085 mm
 Main Rotor Dia  1240 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  240 mm
 Height  240 mm
 Engine  0.60
 Gear  9.625 : 1 : 4.8
 Full Equipped Weight  2700 g



Acrostar build manual  -  2008 version 2.1 plus additional build notes

Acrostar notes



Designed for F3C or 3D styles of flying. Frames were 3 mm thick to provide positive securing of all components and minimal flexing under hard manoeuvring.  All metal swashplate, CCPM (EMS) with push-pull linkages on all cyclic and collective controls ensured minimum wear and slop with maximum control sensitivity.  Belt driven tail rotor and a high bearing count made it a very high specification machine.

 Mechanics and tail rotor.  

Used the same drive belt as the Mystar 60.

  • 81 - Acro Star - 2009-07 - LH nose
  • Acrostar_101
  • Acrostar_102
  • Acrostar_103
  • Acrostar_104
  • PICT3595

TSK Acrostar V2

  • AcroStar_102
  • AcroStar_103
  • AcroStar_104
  • AcroStar_105
  • AcroStar_106
  • Acrostar 60 V2 in hover
  • Acrostar 60 V2
  • TSK Acrostar V2

NOTE The Quick 60 was derived from the Acrostar and so a number of parts are the same; not sure which ones as only have confirmed the main mast.