The original X-Cell elevator swing arm was a two piece plastic unit which used bushings at its pivot points. This unit also used a completely plastic elevator bell crank. (As shown mounted in two piece aluminum elevator arm)

The plastic assembly with bushings was used in:
All 1001 models through 1998
All 1005 models
The 1008 through 2000
All 1009 models

The unit was upgraded to use ball bearing support (shown).

The plastic assembly with ball bearings was used in:
The 1999 and after 1001 ST
The 1003 through 1997
All 1010 models

The two piece aluminum ball bearing  arm was introduced in about 1994 and was used in:

All 1003  1998 and later
The 1004 through 1997

The one piece aluminum arm was introduced in about 1998 and used in all 1004 models 1998 and later

Elevator Bell crank:

The original one piece plastic bell crank was used on:

All 1001 models
All 1003 models
The 1004 through 1997
All 1005 models
All 1008 models
The 1009 models
The 1010 model

The two piece 0825 machined bell crank was released in about 1998 and used on the 1998 and later 1004 models.

Note: The 0825 bell crank can only be used with the 0826 one piece aluminum elevator arm.

0562 Ball bearing two piece plastic elevator arm.

0553 Two piece aluminum elevator arm

0826 One piece aluminum elevator arm

0825 Machined aluminum elevator bellcrank