Main Shafts:
The original  60 main shafts 0203 were shorter than the current models and had a "step" at the bottom under the main gear. A small set screw collar was used as a main gear stopper. Later, the step was eliminated  and a thru-drilled hole and collar was used to retain the main gear.

With the step removed, a dimple was placed in the top of the shaft to orient installation. This was required as only the bottom of the shaft was hardened for the one way clutch. The Fury shaft does not have a top/bottom orientation as the one-way does not run on the shaft.

The older short shafts were replaced with 10mm longer shaft 0614 to eliminated interference.  The anti rotation radius link had to be raised and minor linkage adjustments performed to accommodate these units.

Note: The 0866-15 main shaft, used with the 0866 constant tail drive, is not hardened on the bottom and should not be substituted for the 0614 shaft.

The very first X-Cell 30 main shafts were two piece with a solid bottom section and a hollow upper section. Due to cost and production issues they did not stay in production.

0614 Main shaft
Swash plate


The original 60 "spider" swash plate did not have the 4 set screws  to pre-load the bearing.

The original "spider" swash plate did not support the 120 ccpm mixing and was replaced with the Fury swash plate design. All kits now include the Fury style swash plate which carries the same 0217 part number with an "N" suffix

Old 0217 Spider swash plate

0705 Swash plate

New 0217 swash plate

A basic all plastic mixer assembly is used on most X-Cells. Early version washout pins were not locked in place. The E clips were a later additive to keep them place.

The basic all plastic 0219 base with 0221 arms using 0223 links was used on:

All 1001 models
The 1003 through 1998
The 1004 through 1998
All 1005 models
All 1008 models
All 1010 models

The 0869 3D links were used with the 0219/0221 on:

The 1999 1003 CT

The metal base 0551 was used with 0221/0223 on:

The 1998 1004 model

The metal base 0551 was used with 0221/0869 on

The 1999 to current 1004 models 

0219 Plastic base

0551 Metal base

0223 washout arms

0869 3D washout arms

0221 Washout arms