Webra Helicopter Engines

Fein und Modell Technik of Berlin, West Germany; already well established by the end of the 60's with a large range of reliable and reputable engines.  In 1974 they opened a factory in Enzesfeld, Austria however, this was a totally separate production and design line.  This was to cause an element of confusion having similar engine sizes produced by both factories but with totally different designs and features so the Austrian engines were known under the name Austro-Webra.
Webra Austria finished production in 2010.


Webra 61 RC  -  Engine review.  High performance with good carburetion; very successful but was expensive; produced 0.88 BHP at 11500 Rpm (silenced) or 1Bhp un-silenced.


Webra 40 - Quick look - Sep 1971  -  Webra 40 - Engine test - Oct 1971

New model and scaled down version of the 61 Blackhead with twin ball bearings for the crankshaft and large carb for the size of the engine giving 0.67 Bhp at 14.000 Rpm (5% nitro) or with optional even larger choke carb 0.75 Bhp @ 15000 Rpm (5% nitro); not bad for a cross-flow scavenged engine.


Webra Speed 61 RC - Engine test - Apr 1974

First design from the new Austrian factory ( by HP engine designer) incorporating Schnuerle porting; no power given only propeller rating however, it was noted to be nearly as powerful as the OS 80!!!.

Webra Black-head 61 series 73 - First look review of the updated German engine and not quite as powerful as the Austrian model as it still retained cross-flow scavenging.


Webra Speed 61 RC - Engine test - Jan 1975 full test with power output measured as 1.47 Bhp @14500 Rpm (5% nitro) but with a very noisy silencer.  Note the difference in power to the un-silenced test of the 1969 Webra 61; near 50% power increase.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Webra Speed 61R - Engine test - Nov 1975 with same power output for the rear engine carb fitment.


Oct 1977

Note that 61 and 40 engines now available in Helicopter (HC) specification specifically for Schlüter machines along with special silencer's.  All engines now designated A-W indicating the full range had changed to being manufactured in Austria, or at least those imported by Ripmax in the UK.

Webra Speed 40 comparison - Engine review comparison to the OS Max 40F-SR - Jan 1976

Webra Speed 40 - Engine test Oct 1976

Basically a scaled down Speed 61 meaning that this engine has the benefit of Schnuerle porting as opposed to cross-flow scavenging of the German 40 model.  One downside being that it was heavier than the German 40 however, this was offset a good increase in power to over 1Bhp un-silenced though with silencer fitted this reduced to 0.85 Bhp @ 15000 Rpm (5% nitro).  It has to be remembered that at this time silencers were beginning to actually do just that and thus power levels generally took a 15-20% drop with an effective one fitted.


Aug 1977 advert


Apr & Sep 1978 adverts

Webra Speed 61F - Engine review - Mar 1978

Significantly modified over the original 61F and using the new 'Dynamix' carb.  Modifications were made to most internals components with porting completely revised in order to work with the tuned pipe being favoured by most pilots.  Power did not significantly increase but the engine became a better all round performer with the 'new' carb giving better acceleration without hesitation plus, the exhaust system for engines was now becoming part of the development process and not just an afterthought. 


Jack Williams advert showing the range available in the UK and as yet Webra do not have helicopter specific engines unlike most major manufacturers.


Dec 86 Advert for Webra helicopter engines.

Webra helicopter engines available in 50 and 60 size plus an 80 for extra power and being an enlarged 60 casting it was a direct replacement for 60 size engines.


Engine range Engine governor


Webra Sped 50 RC ABC  -  Engine review

Webra general instructions  -  Not sure of the year but covers engines with TN II, Promix II, Ultramix and Dynamix carb's


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