Irvine Helicopter Engines

Started out as an importer for the UK of Veco, HB, KB, Rossi, Fox, Ursus engines and distributor for MRC radio equipment, then went on to make their own range of British made engines; this section will cover the later only.


Irvine 40 - Engine review - Jul 1976 (pre manufacturing review with Perry carb)


June 1977 advert


Apr & Oct 1979 adverts

Irvine Sport 40 - Engine review - Feb 1979

First engine (took a long time to test??) with Schnuerle scavenging, twin ball race crankshaft model specific silencer and two needle automatic mixture control carb giving 1 Bhp @ 16000 rpm (5% nitro) silenced and compared favourably with engines from other manufacturers so a very good first start.


Irvine Sport 40 MkII - Engine quick look - Jun 1980.  Slightly larger diameter crank allowing better gas flow and an increase in power over the original 40 Mk1. 


May 1981 advert


Feb 1982 advert


Irvine Sport 40 MkII - Engine test - Jan 1984.

Not specifically a helicopter engine however it was used by many Morley models being a 'British' engine for a 'British' helicopter.  Power output with the standard silencer was restricted at only 0.9 BHP however the super-Silencer was better matched and gave 1.1 BHP.  It was quite docile and thus easy for helicopter use though in restricted power form it had to work quite hard for some of the heavier '40' range metal machines.



Irvine engines  -  General instruction

Irvine 36 ABC

1993 - Irvine 46 ABC

Irvine 46 Mk3


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