In Memoriam

Louise Gorham

John & Louise Gorham at the flying field

Photo Courtesy John A. Gorham

"Mrs. GMP" - Louise Gorham - passed on august 18th 2006. Louise was the very loving wife of John and was a friend and confident of very many of the GMP flyers and was the business VP of the company. She was also  well known by many of the NASA staff and astronauts (in my role as a NASA consultant) and of course she was "Mrs. GMP" to all the fliers who knew her, and to many of the GMP "inner circle fliers" and retailers. Louise was truly a  lady in every sense of the word and a very great loss to me and to all of those who knew her . She died at our home in my arms with dignity of several  variations of cancer - just think without Louise no Cricket - and we wouldn't  have started GMP! -John A. Gorham, May 25, 2007