If the graphics on these pages are distorted in any way the following solutions can be implemented. AOL uses their own "compression" method for web graphics to save space on their server. In turn, many webpages on the Internet will not display some graphics properly. This ONLY AFFECTS AOL USERS and not those who access the Web with other browsers.

(1) AOL users should click on 'My AOL' if they are using Version 4.0, or 'Members' if using Version 3.0.

(2) Locate 'Preferences' and find 'Web Graphics', 'WWW', or 'Internet Properties'.

(3) UNcheck the box marked 'Use Compressed Graphics'.

(4) Select 'Advanced' in the 'Preferences' box and Purge (Clear) the Cache. (Or you can close the connect to AOL and log on again to clear the Cache.)

You can also bypass surfing the Internet with the AOL browser (after making your connection to AOL) by minimizing the AOL screen and launching Internet Explorer (which should already be on your computer if you are using Windows 95/98). Netscape can also be used.