30 50
 Length  1130 mm  1200 mm
 Rotorhead  -  -
 Main Rotor Dia  1260 mm  1340 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  236 mm  232 mm
 Engine  0.32  0.5, OS 50SX
 Gear  9.78 : 1 : 5.18  9.78 : 1 : 5.18
 Weight  3200-3400 g  3200-3400 g



Venture CP

Venture 50


To those who already own or are familiar with the JR Venture 30, the larger 50 size shares many similarities. The main frame is identical and so is the tail boom except for the fact the boom/belt are longer. The lower swashplate ring on the smaller 30 was plastic and on the 50 it is upgraded to metal.

The head also has some changes and improvements compared to the 30 size. It has a metal center hub and a plastic yoke whereas the 30 size is a one piece molded head. Blade grips on the 50 sport thrust bearings. The Venture comes with KSJ paddles already installed but we also tested it with Vblade's carbon fiber paddles for this review. They also include a set of Ergo paddles in the box for "slower" response if the KSJ's are too fast. Oddly enough the KSJ's felt perfectly stable to me even as a relatively new heli pilot.

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