Schlüter Superior (1983)



 Length  1400 mm
 Width    mm
 Height    400 mm
 Rotor Head  collective head System 80
 Main Rotor Dia  1400 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  270 mm
 Engine  .60 cu in  (10 cc)
 Gear Ratio  1 : 9 ( 1:6.66 - 1:10)
 Weight  4500 g - 4800 g

Superio Bauanleitung

Exploded view


  1984 catalogue

The Heli-Boy had been developed with new type rotor head, swashplate and tail assembly and the revised version, to be brought out in 1983 was initially know as the Heli-Boy - Superior.  However, as the Heli-Boy standard was also to be kept in the model range it was decided not use the Heli-Boy reference and to call the revised version just by the name Superior.  The model also featured a canopy that fully enclosed the mechanics thus providing better streamlining to give smoother aerobatics and also differentiated the model from the basic 'pod' of the Heli-Boy.


1983 Jack Williams (UK) advert.

1983 from Schlüter USA (Miniature_Aircraft) and Walt Schoonard uses a 'single' stick transmitter; an American preferences.

1984 advert from Schlüter USA (Miniature_Aircraft) and Superior - August 1984 Review by Len Mount and Mike Johnson from Radio Controlled helicopters.        

Tail gearbox assembly  -  1985 article with hints for assembling Schlüter tail gearbox and tail rotors.

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