KYOSHO Concept 32-46 VR




 Over-All Length   900 mm
 Over-All Height   285 mm
 Main Rotor Dia   970 mm
 Tail Rotor Diameter.   178 mm
 Total Weight   1450 - 1550 g
 Gear Ratio   9:19:104
 Engine   2,5 ccm

Concept 46 VR Manual

 Concept 46 VR Review


The Concept VR was the final incarnation of the range designed to utilise both the 32-36 size of engines and the more powerful 46 size.  Many of the parts were also used on the subsequent Nexus range.

Based on the Concept 30 SR-T and utilising about half of the parts though it was designed from the outset as a performance model.  Two engine variants were produced though most opted for the 46 engine size. 



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