Ishimasa Playboy (1983)



 Length  970 mm
 Rotor Head  CP model specific
 Main Rotor Dia  1030 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia.  240 mm
 Engine  25", 4 ccm
 Gear Ratio  10: 1: 5.3
 Weight  2000 g 


  Manual/Bauanleitung (dt)  




The EH1 though successful in its own right as an electric helicopter had not really 'caught on' due to the limitations of inefficient motors, batteries and speed controllers so Ishimasa produced a small glow powered helicopter to complement this model.  It had very similar looks and layout as the 20 Baron but with the distinctive Ishimasa head.   Macgregor, the UK importer, had looked at importing this model; they had tested a few and put out initial adverts informing of the models introduction.  However, although they flew as good as similar helicopters on the market at the time, for reasons not known they declined to formally market the model.  This machine was though marketed in some countries with Graupner of Germany and Rotorcraft of Canada having them as catalogue items.

Helipad -  Helicopter column in Radio Modeller by John Heaton; with short build and flying review from late 1983.

1984 photo of Hughes 500 with Playboy mechanics. Rotorcraft of Canada (Year TBC)

  Graupner of Germany (Year TBC)

Despite not being officially imported to the UK, I have found and bought three of them (as of Apr 12) in addition to the importer's models so perhaps a few were bought by direct purchase.  One is complete as in the photo's above, another without engine, radio gear and fitted with an early Shuttle head and finally the third which is a near complete airframe but damaged in a number of places.  From these it should be possible to build one good one and perhaps another full one or at least have enough spares to fly one knowing I can completely rebuild it if anything untoward happens.


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