GMP - Legend (1988)



 Length   1270 mm / 50 "
 Height   457 mm / 18 "-
 Main Rotor Dia   1400-1470 mm /55-58"
 Tail Rotor Diameter.   254 mm / 10 "
 Total Weight   3850 g / 8.8 Lbs
 Gear Ratio   8.6 : 1 :4.75
 Engine   .46-0.61 cu in 
(7.5  - 10 cc)



Legend manual


Legend decals

Bottom_plate (dxf)

horizontal_fin (DXF)

vertical_fin (DXF)


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GMP Legend - Flybarless

The legend was also supplied in flybarless version but reports of the day suggested that it was not altogether successful in the hands of less accomplished flyers.  Comments from 20 years later though suggest otherwise, however, they were fitted with modern CF blades with correct CG and capable of rotation speed of 2000 rpm plus modern radios with exponential to 'calm' the centre position without compromising overall response.  Thinking back to basic radios, woodies with poor CG and flexed such that only a brave man would have more that 1200-1300 head speed and you can see why control would be problematic.  Reports of 'hairy' control when trying an Auto with pitch up or tuck under occurring and you can see why they did not really catch on.


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