Century Hawk - Falcon



 Length  1168 mm
 Main Rotor Dia  1257 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia.  236 mm
 Engine  .28-.36 cu in  
 Gear Ratio  
 Weight  2818 g 




Pod and boom sports model from trainer to mild 3D; designated Hawk for 30-38 size engines and Falcon for 46-50 size engines.

Century Hawk

Developed from the Lion Models Helicat and though it looked very similar only a handful of parts from the original Helicat were retained without some modification and these were the canopy, T/R gearbox , primary gear, swashplate and clutch bell.

Century Hawk 30 flyer   1997 USA magazine advert.   


Century Hawk II

No info currently held

Century Hawk III

  • HawkIII_05
  • HawkIII_10
  • HawkIII_15
  • Hawk_005
  • Hawk_010
  • Hawk_020
  • Hawk_025

 Hawk III build Manual  -  1999

Falcon III build Manual  -  2000

Century Hawk Sport


Hawk Sport build Manual  -  2002

Hawk Sport quick build guide  -  2002

Sport with optional FG canopy and fins     Hawk sport

My original Century Hawk Sport (white model bought in early 2007) had an Irvine 36H engine fitted and was very stable in the hover which after learning on '450' size electrics was quite a new experience.  I tried my first loop with this model and it was nearly the last flight as it 'stalled' just before reaching the full inverted stage and by keeping full back cyclic on then adding positive pitch as it reached nose down vertical it only just recovered at less than 2M from the ground.  Once I had read up a bit more on how to set one up correctly (including making sure it had 'decent' throws, especially negative pitch) it then looped properly and rolled OK.  Sold this one to a friend who was just getting into the 'hobby'. 

Century Hawk IV

Hawk IV build Manual  -  2003

Century Hawk Pro

Hawk Pro build Manual  -  2005

Century Hawk-Falcon SE

Hawk-Falcon SE V1 build Manual  -  1999

Hawk-Falcon SE V2 build Manual  -  2002 edition

Optional Parts

Ball bearing upgrade instructions     Tuff landing gear for learning Auto's

    General optional parts


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