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TAI SHIH HOBBY CORPORATION ( TSHobby GAUI ) established in Taiwan in 1996, and dedicated itself fully into design, develop, and manufacturing of innovative R/C helicopters and airplanes. With years of research and development, TSH GAUI developed well plastic coated form technology applicable to wings, fins, and rotors, which offers the rigid and smooth surfaces while maintaining the trailing edge as thin as 0.15mm. Today, TSH GAUI carries diversified R/C aviation products, bringing the most pleasant leisure experience to R/C pilots worldwide.

Started off by making helicopters for other distributors with the Protech Zoom being a definitive model.

They then started exporting under their own name and details of my two models are below until I update on the actual company.

Gaui Hurricane 550 (2007)


Bought Sep 07 off E-bay for a good price; servo's were fitted but required the remaining RC gear including a new speed controller as the original unit had a reputation for cutting out (ouch!!!!).  Quite lightly loaded and thus very spry though I had only just learned circuits at the time even I could Whiz it round like a Pylon racer.  unfortunately in Feb 08 I managed roll it into the ground (disorientation) but luckily the ground was soft resulting in very little damage and was easily repaired.

By Sep 09 the batteries were showing signs of 'swelling' under use and the motor seemed to get very hot; this kind of battery problem had happened on a few of my electric helicopters due to the need at times for long term battery storage.  put into long term storage then swapped in 2011 for a Zoom 450 IC.


Gaui Hughes 300 (2008)

Bought Dec 07, a semi scale version '200' size complete with proper three blade scale head.  very frantic, responsive and difficult in forward flight (for me that is) as it rears ups and rolls to the left (standard non-flybar reactions).  By May 08 I was managing reasonable figure of eights etc and the occasionally rear up could be converted into a rapid turn and so looked like you actually meant to do that.

In Nov 08 I fitted a Gaui multi-blade gyro and this quite dramatically toned down its wayward habits though it still requires quite a bit of concentration to fly it and in no way could it be called 'comfortable'.


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