Compass Knight 50 (2007)

  My Knight 50

Bought Oct 07 at the Autumn Charmouth Fly-in as a used airframe without engine or radio gear and as a bit of history this was the actual first review model in the UK.  I purchased one of the new TT50 engines and fitted radio gear including a Futaba 401 and 9254 tail servo.

Build completed in Jul 08 and during running in flights completely messed up a backward flying manoeuvre and rolled it into the ground.  Luckily cut the engine before impact and the ground was soft so very little damage was done.  I took the opportunity during the rebuild to upgrade to a 'Pro' head and in Mar 09 whilst carrying out garden hovering managed to back it into the garden hedge (being 'clever') damaging the tail blades and shearing the tail driven gear teeth (designed 'failure' point to prevent more serious damage during a tail stopping incident).  Parts bought to repair the mishap and started to test hover again in Sep 09 with gentle figure of eights etc to allow things to settle down.  Carb took quite a lot of 'fiddling' with to get the engine to run properly (still slightly rich at top end and engine not yet perhaps fully run in) though I have heard that TT50 engines can be a bit temperamental for carb settings.......

Jul 10 and carried out the needle mod making the engine better but still running quite rich though now reliable and can be thrown around quite a lot, even for me; later carb is supposed to be better however intend to try with an OS hyper carb as I have a spare.


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