KALT Scale Bodies

In addition to scale machines with dedicated mechanics Kalt also produced a range of Scale and Sport helicopter 'hang on' bodies, as they were generally called at the time.  Kalt had always provided the modeller with many options and so the modeller could buy the basic pod and boom model then once proficient buy the scale body to go with it.  In the UK a very active model shop with a number of proficient helicopter flyers became the UK importer of Kalt helicopters they also went on to produce a number of high quality fuselage kits to compliment the Kalt range; as such Slough Models has been considered in their own right under the UK section. 

Kalt JetRanger body (1980 or earlier)


 Full Length of Fuselage  1360 mm
 Rotorhead  Kalt CP
 Main Rotor Dia  1480 mm
 Gear   9.56 : 1 : 4.5
 Engine   .50-.60 cu  in (8.0-10 cc)
 Full Equipped Weight  4300-4800 g



1981 catalogue 1982 Advert (UK)

Kalt already had a model of the JetRanger with its own dedicated mechanics however, it was also decided to bring this model out as the first of Kalt's scale 'hang-on' scale bodies.  The internal layout was redesigned specifically to take the 50 Baron mechanics with either the standard 50 size engine or a larger 60 size for more 'sporty' performance.

By this time the JetRanger had proved so popular that it was available in three formats; Aerobatic, Custom and Flybarless Super Scale.

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Kalt LongRanger body

Applicability - 50/60 Baron - Omega Pro/Grand Prix.

  • 1984-03 - Kalt LongRanger
  • 1984-12 - Kalt LongRanger
  • Baron_LongRanger_005
  • Baron_LongRanger_010
  • Baron_LongRanger_015
  • Kalt LongRanger - 1985
  • Kalt Longranger (Baron 60 ) 1985
  • Kalt_LongRanger_005
  • Kalt_LongRanger_010
  • Kalt_LongRanger_015
  • Kalt_LongRanger_020
  • Kalt_LongRanger_025
  • Kalt_Longranger300_005
  • Kalt_Longranger300_010
  • Kalt_Longranger_300_010
  • Kalt_Longranger_300_015

Originally designed for the 50/60 Baron range but later modified to fit the later Omega range.

Kalt GS Hughes 500

1982 Advert

  • Kalt_Hughes500_005
  • Kalt_Hughes500_010
  • Kalt_Hughes500_015

A large scale version designed for the Kalt GS Baron 'Petrol' mechanics,

Kalt GS JetRanger

  Applicability - GS Baron - GS Baron II - GS Alpha

A large scale version designed for the Kalt GS Baron 'Petrol' mechanics, 1987 Catalogue.

1992 colour option


Kalt Bell 222

 Applicability - 50/60 Baron - Omega Pro/Grand Prix - 60 Baron Alpha

  • 1987 - Bell 222 flying shot
  • 1987 - Bell 222 nose flying shot
  • 1987 - body index and 222 flying shots
  • Kalt Bell 222 (Baron 60)
  • Kalt_Bell222_Twin_005
  • Kalt_Bell222_Twin_010
  • Kalt_Bell_222Twin_0010
  • Kalt_Bell_222Twin_0025
  • Kalt_Bell_222Twin_0030
  • Kalt_Bell_222Twin_0035
  • Kalt_Bell_222Twin_0040

Incorporated retractable undercarriage and as can be seen in the above photo's was very realistic; originally for the 50/60 Baron but later modified to suit also the Omega and Alpha range.

Kalt Bell 222  -  Construction review 1986 from RC Helicopters


Kalt Airwolf

 Applicability - Cyclone

A variation of the standard Bell 222 fuselage.  No current specific guide but the general one for the Kalt Bell 222 will suffice.

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Kalt Bell 400 TwinRanger (1987)

  Applicability - 50 Baron S/EC - 60 Baron S/EC - 60 Baron Alpha/EX (conversion required).

The TwinRanger (full size) was supposed to replace the JetRanger but never did; shame really as it is a very nice and unique looking helicopter (50-60 size mechanics).


Bought from Dave Payne and at the moment the only flying version in the UK.

 Only had a few flights with this one so far and then only gentle figure of eights; first impressions are it is very soft and 'scale' like on all controls, no throwing this one around and given its unique nature who would want to....!!!!!


Kalt Sniper

Applicability - 60 Baron S/Alpha - Omega Pro/Grand Pris - 60 Baron EX (conversion required).

  • Kalt_Sniper_010
  • Kalt_Sniper_015
  • Kalt_Sniper_020
  • Kalt_Sniper_025

Kalt Ω Jet Stream   

Applicability - 50 Baron S/EC - 60 Baron S/EC - Omega Pro/Grand Prix - 60 Baron Alpha/EX (conversion required).

Kalt Ω JetRanger   

Applicability - Omega Pro/Grand Prix.

Kalt Ω Hughes MD-530F

Applicability - 60 Baron S/EC/Alpha.

Kalt Ω Epsilon (1989)

Applicability (with or without UC) - 60 Baron S/EC/Alpha/EX - Omega Pro/Grand Prix.

Kalt Ω Aggressor (1991)


After success in the 1991 world championships Kalt brought out the Aggressor fuselage for the Omega-Pro/Grand Prix mechanics.

Kalt Aggressor30

  • Aggressor30_005
  • Aggressor30_010
  • Aggressor30_015
  • gimet71l8xkbr
  • xafbpcy85m9oi


KALT Ω 20 LongRanger (1988)

Applicability - 20 Baron MX.

Designed with a 'split' body which allowed fitting and servicing to be easily carried out.

Kalt 30 LongRanger

Applicability - Space Baron.

Modified Ω 20 body???

Kalt 'Whisper' Huey Cobra (1992)

1992 catalogue

The Whisper proved successful and because of its good performance it was well able to take the addition of a scale 'hang on' fuselage.  


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