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The Piccolo range of helicopters and especially the advent of the 'pico-board' made small practical indoor helicopters a reality.  Instead of all the necessary mechanisms to give a driven tail rotor and control by altering the blade; the only requirement was a motor and fixed pitch tail rotor.  Clever electronics matched the speed of both the main and tail motors which ensured a similar sort of control.

Piccolo review by Dave Day

Ikarus ECO 8 (2005)

    report on my Eco 8

Bought in Mar 09 but had been incorrectly built with the 'aileron' and pitch servos connected with a 'Y' lead; as a result it was impossible to get any form of control and of course, it was unflyable.  This was later confirmed by the previous owner and when I explained what he had done wrong he did sort of wonder why he couldn't get the hang of it???????.  luckily the helicopter itself had not been damaged and once correctly built lifted into a smooth hover.  Original brushed motor with 8 cells only gives a slow head speed which is OK for learner hovering but does not inspire confidence for anything else.  Motor though ran very cool and thus is not particularly highly loaded.

in Jul 09 I replaced the standard 10 tooth motor gear with a 12 to hopefully give a useful increase in the head speed however, only a slight increase in performance but not particularly noticeable and the motor just ran hotter.  Checking the specifications indicates that the fitted Sport motor should have a 10 tooth gear with 8 cells so the performance is the best it is going to be in this configuration.  Trying to get more out of it just make it run inefficiently and thus get hotter as highlighted out by the test.  However, I have an original Brushless motor and ESC which incorporates the feedback system to be fitted.


Ikarus Viper 70 (2007)

    New Kit


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