Which Fury do I have?

If you know your model number, or want a list of all models, then --> GoHere
If you don't know your model then continue down this page.

Lets get the easy ones out of the way first:

If it is electric powered, it is an Ion-X, Ion-X2, Razor 600 or Furion 450 --> GoHere

If it is powered by a gasoline engine, it is a Spectra G ---> GoHere

If it is powered by a 50 or 60 size nitro engine, it is a Basic or Expert ---> goHere

Now: The following data is a guideline to get you to the correct model based on the original kit content. It should be noted
that any Experts were upgraded to Extremes, the Stratus came out as a conversation kit before it came out as a complete
kit, and many C_Cell owners just like to update pieces. Once you think you have identified your model, go the detail section
on it and compare its features with either the brochure or the plans.

It it is powered by a 80 or 90 size nitro engine, you have 3 choices ( see photo's below)

if its an Extreme ---> GoHere

if its a Tempest ---> GoHere

if its a Stratus ---> GoHere