Some of the designs of John W Coasby

This page will be under construction for some time and may never be really complete. While I would love to present a complete list of John Coasby designs in chronological order, practical considerations dictate that it should be in published order (when known) and as complete as available information allows. It will be updated whenever possible and any additional information will be gratefully received.

Design Type Span Motor Nexus Plan Published Comments
Eros F/F sport 84" Micron 5cc diesel PET280 AM 2/48
Crackerjack C/L Stunt 32"
CL303 AM 10/48 Designed with Harry Hundleby
Coasby Stunter C/L Stunt 45" Delmo
CLMA Spring '49
Yoicks C/L stunt 33" Fox 59 CL334 AM 10/49 Biplane. Laminar flow wing section.
Flicka C/L stunt 40" Amco 3.5cc CL363 '49 AM Annual
Taurus C/L stunt 68" McCoy 60 CL360 '49 AM Annual? Wings retained with rubber bands
Foxstunter C/L stunt 42" Fox 35 CL406 '50 AM Annual Flapped design
Icarus Senior C/L stunt 67" 6 - 10cc CL422 AM 4/51 Wings retained with rubber bands. Drop off U/C.
Icarus Junior C/L stunt 42" 3.5 - 5cc CL421 AM 4/51 Wings retained with rubber bands
Pagan C/L stunt 46" Fox 35 CL455 '51 AM Annual Wings retained with rubber bands
B.A. Swallow F/F scale 50"
FSP560 '54 AM Annual
H.K.1 F/F scale 45"
FSP637 1956
Lysander Conversion F/F scale

Conversion of the Howard Boys design from rubber to diesel power.
Tiger Moth Conversion F/F scale 44"
Conversion of the Rupert Moore design from rubber to diesel power
Finale R/C Trainer

Watch this space Johns last design from 1991

AM = Aeromodeller
CLMA = Control Line Model Aircraft by Laidlaw-Dickson.


When it first appeared this machine was noted chiefly for it's size. Many examples have been built and it is probably more notable today for it's sheer elegance.


Picture of Crackerjack

This is not a model which immediately strikes you as being a good bet for contest flying, but at least one example has achieved some success. It needs an undercarriage to be really competitive.

Coasby Stunter

Plan of Coasby Stunter

Taken from 'Control Line Model Aircraft' by D J Laidlaw-Dickson.
Click on the drawing for a larger image.


Picture of Yoicks
With a Fox up front, it had to be 'Yoicks'.

For some time, it was thought that it was very difficult to get this model to perform satisfactorily. However, a one model contest for this design eventually disproved this when several competitors put in very creditable flights.


Picture of Flicka

Very few examples of this model have appeared in contests, probably due to the lack of an undercarriage. This one was built by Steve Foster.


Picture of Taurus

This design has twice won the vintage stunt event at the British Nationals in the hands of Maurice Doyle, whose model is shown above. It handles windy, turbulent conditions very well, despite it's size.


Picture of Foxstunter

This model has proved to be a very capable machine in vintage contests, notably in the hands of Terry Taylor. This is despite it having a points disadvantage due to having wing flaps.

Icarus Senior

Picture of Icarus Senior

Another very elegant Coasby design which has been generally neglected, probably because it looks difficult to build. This example by Rusty Brown appeared at VSC a couple of years ago.

Icarus Junior

Much the same remarks apply here as for it's bigger brother, although it is probably a rather more attractive size.


Picture of Pagan

Picture of Pagan

This strikingly attractive model was published in the 1951 'Aeromodeller Annual' and was loosely based on the de Havilland 'TK4' racing aeroplane. The significance of this is that it was designed while John was producing the drawings for Ron Moulton's 'Class B' team racer, which was based on the same machine. John's prototype was powered by the inevitable Fox 35, although the drawing shows a Frog 500. My own version has a Frog and weighs 26 ounces.


Picture of Finale

This originally unnamed model was designed by John in 1991 in South Africa with the intention of teaching himself to fly R/C models. A prototype has been built and flown by Peter Lilley, a long time John Coasby fan, and will hopefully be published some time in the near future. Peter gave the model its name. The picture is of John's unflown prototype, taken by his daughter Linda.

My thanks to Peter Lilley for his help with dates and other details.
Last updated 2nd November 2000 - Dave Day

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