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Vintage RC Helicopters - Morley Maverick

Morley Maverick

Morley Maverick

Designed for the 'Sport' flyer allowing progression from basic 'learner' to aerobatics.

bulletLength (less rotor)         -  45 inch  (1150 mm) 
bulletMain Rotor diameter      -  49 inch  (1245 mm)
bulletTail Rotor diameter       -  10 inch  (255 mm)
bulletEngine                           - .40/.46 cu in  (6.5/7.5 cc)
bulletRadio                            -  Four channel with five servos

                        Cabin decals

Maverick Assembly Manual (common with XR) -  Maverick Assembly Diagrams  Maverick Kit Review - By Dave Day

Blade holder thrust bearing upgrade

Maverick Clockwise addendum - To reverse the direction of the main rotor

My Maveric

Morley Maverick XR

Upgraded specification utilising a bigger engine and larger blades thereby making it more suitable for aggressive manoeuvres.

bulletLength (less rotor)         -  ## inch  (#### mm) 
bulletMain Rotor diameter      -  52 inch  (1320 mm)
bulletTail Rotor diameter       -  10 inch  (255 mm)
bulletEngine                           - .50/53
bulletRadio                            -  Five channel with five servos

Maverick XR Assembly Manual  -  Maverick XR Kit Review - By Steve Engel  -  Maverick XR Kit Review - By John White in RC Model Mart (?? never heard of it)


        These photos from the Busy bee flying club web site.  www.busybeemfk.se/

In construction, the Maverick was quite basic and used many plain bearing where other manufacturers had already moved to full ball bearing assemblies.  from this it was possible to upgrade the maverick head to full ball races which removed a lot of the 'slop' after prolonged use.  Additionally, many lightened parts were brought out thus greatly increasing the performance, see upgrades below.

Morley Maverick Hughes 500E (1995)

Body conversion for for both Maverick standard or XR mechanics.   

Introduced in 1995 and came in two colours, Red or White and a very quick fit assembly .

Morley Maverick Extras and upgrades

  No3 No4 No5 N06 no7 Weighted blades warning 

The Maverick was upgraded over the years to incorporate 'lessons learnt' or just to give that extra 'Bling' and these were promulgated in regular newsletters.  Check out No7 for the final list of upgrade; an XR built to this spec was a very potent machine...


Additional marketing of the Morley Maverick included key fobs, wall clocks and pre-loaded models on the flight simulator of the period the TRU-FLIGHT.  Specials offers were also available when ordering the Rossi 53 helicopter engine.


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