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Vintage RC Helicopters - Kalt 60 Baron helicopter

KALT 60 Baron

Kalt 60 Baron (1983)

Kalt 60 baron release info May 1983.

Kalt 60 Baron - August 1984 review by Gary Richardson from Radio Controlled helicopters


1985 Circus Hobbies catalogue

Upgraded 50 baron for FAI style flying.

Kalt 60 Baron S (1986)


The 60 Baron S was the standard sport version and as per Kalt policy the head was supplied as a separate order and could be of any specification depending upon requirement.

bulletLength (less rotor)        - 1345mm
bulletMain Rotor diameter     - 1540-1560mm
bulletRotor Head                   - Any Kalt CP version
bulletWeight                          - 4.6-4.8 Kg
bulletEngine                          - .60 cu in  (10.0 cc)
bulletReductions                   - 10 : 1 : 5.4
bulletRadio                            - Six channel with five servo's


Kalt 60 Baron EX (1986)

EX version operated at a higher head speed by changing the reduction ratios and utilising smaller blades, also required a high specification head.  Indications of pricing suggest that this model was supplied with all the options including the high specification head as 'standard'.

Kalt 60 Baron EC (1986)

EC was the budget version of the 60 S using a number of 'plastic' components with autorotation optional in order to reduce cost.

60 Baron instruction manual  -  Basic manual for helicopter without the head assembly.

60 Baron exploded view  -  For use with 60 Baron manual, again without rotor head detail.

60 baron left side view  -  Side view showing general layout.

60 Baron EX supplement  -  Additional information for use with 60 Baron manual.

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